Photography by John Sutera

Born a Leo with an overactive imagination and a tremendous amount of “ham," I began making up stories and musical inventions when I was just a little girl.  A Seattle-ite and Catholic (by baptism), I spent many of my formative years singing and playing guitar in Saturday night masses. From that solid foundation, I jumped into public school (thank God), and continued to be schooled in music and drama through a Master's degree.  I found others like me and had a grand time playing!!  I performed over the better part of the West Coast and Rocky Mountain region, and then thought it was time to move to the “Big Apple.” 

If the wild west gave me my foundational skills, New York is where I honed them and found out just how far I could market my “ham.”  I learned to think outside of the box.  I learned to laugh at myself and figure out “who I was.”  I increased my incoming talents 110%, and picked up voice over and modeling chops that I never knew I had.

The missing piece in my life was being in LOVE.  Then one day "IT" happened. I met the man of my dreams, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My life continues to become deeper, richer and more fulfilled.  I am truly blessed, and enjoy sharing those blessings with all of you!